The Steampunk Tree House featured on AOL Real Estate

Artist Sean Orlando says that one of the primary benefits of his ultrahip tree  house is “you can see your enemies coming from a mile away.”

Designed in 2007 as an art installation for the Burning Man festival in  Black Rock City, Nev., the home and 40-foot metal tree it sits in were  created almost entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials by 60 volunteers in Oakland, Calif. (Five Ton Crane Arts Group)

Created “to explore the relationship between our rapidly changing  natural world and the persistent human drive to connect with it and one  another,” the 15-by-12-foot home cost approximately $60,000 to construct  and contains a wood-burning stove to keep it warm, a telescope for  bird-watching, and a steam calliope for creating music. The surrounding  metal “tree” is equipped with LED lights in the branches (giving it a  post-apocalyptic firefly effect) as well as a steam generator for spooky  effects at night.

While the Tree House doesn’t have a kitchen or bathroom, it does have an  amazingly Jules Verne-ian interior complete with stained glass windows  and Tim Burton-esque furniture. Both the house and tree have taken up permanent residence at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Del.

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The Steampunk Tree House, Delaware

sean orlando, steampunk tree house

sean orlando, steampunk tree house

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