Engineered Artworks is a Bay Area big art studio led by Sean Orlando, an artist with decades of experience implementing spectacular and transformative sculptural projects.

Our full-service design/build atelier combines a deep knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques, a comprehensive network of fabricators, engineers, and craftspeople, and a thoughtful, artist-led approach to large-scale projects.

With a collaborative spirit and wide-ranging technical expertise, Engineered Artworks welcomes partnerships with both individual artists and public and private entities, implementing creative projects from concept design through to fabrication, installation, and public unveiling.

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Recent Projects


A Permanent Home for Artists: Seaport Studios

“While the fabric of The Bay Area’s artistic communities has repeatedly been at risk of being pushed out, a newly formed space called Seaport Studios in Richmond is here to stay. This thriving community of artists and makers has put down permanent roots and hopes their story will inspire more folks to keep the dream alive. Effectively they said to the Bay Area: the arts are here to stay.” Seaport Studios was created by Engineered Artworks founders, and it is our permanent home.

The Art of Moving Massive Art: Inside Artifact Logistics

Artifact Logistics ensures that massive (and yet somehow still delicate) artwork is moved to its location anywhere without any missing parts, bumps or bruises along the journey. Founded by Sean Orlando of Engineered Artworks and Five Ton Crane, Artifact Logistics was an answer to a common problem that many large art artists have…once the artwork has been created, how does it get to its final resting place safely?”

Norfolk Currents
Landmark Rising in Five Points Park: A Grass Dome Illuminates Norfolk

“Commissioned by Unison, the nation’s home co-investing leader, as a beacon for creative housing solutions, Welcome Tower is a monument to San Francisco by local artists.”

Sound Transit
Gertie’s Ghost Surfaces in Tacoma

“The sculpture is made up of eight large-scale arch segments evocative of the local legend of a large octopus named Gertie and of classic railroad truss bridges.”

The News Tribune
This 12-foot tall steel octopus now greets visitors to downtown Tacoma

This 12-foot tall steel octopus now greets visitors to downtown Tacoma

“We were enamored with the story of the giant octopus that lives in the wreckage of the bridge,” Shulman said. “We fused all of those things together to try and build something that was evocative of an old railroad trestle but had the tapering lines and organic curves of an octopus’s tentacles.”

West Seattle Blog
‘Engine 32 1/2’ artwork installed at West Seattle’s new Fire Station 32

“Modeled after the original Engine 32 that Captain Steve Sanislo operated out of this station for many years … a 1924 Seagrave Apparatus … a custom designed and fabricated idealized version of a real vintage fire truck built to ½ scale with a toy-maker’s detailed aesthetic … endowing it with a sense of play, whimsy and imagination.” 

Burning Man 2022: Inside The Outrageous Mutant Vehicles Of The Future

“One art car project I’m especially excited about is the Y Knot Saloon created by Sean Orlando and his team at Engineered Artworks. It’s a saloon on wheels meant to evoke the 19th-century wild west. Stepping into it will be like slipping through a wormhole and finding yourself suddenly in 1895. But with a Burning Man twist, of course.”

The Richmond Standard
Seaport Art Studios to become octopus’ garden with new mural

“[Sean] Orlando said he’s been a huge fan of the [Bunnie Reiss’] work for many years and that Reiss is painting the mural as a gift to him and the community they’ve built there.”