Raygun Gothic Rocketship inspirations

We create these large-scale immersion based installations in part because we hope, in some small way, to inspire people to create, dream and invent… to help generate a little spark of the imagination and to grease the wheels of ingenuity. The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is a symbol of a future that never happened, and idea that we had hoped would resonate with both the young and old.

On August 20th, we received the following request for any plans or sketches of the rocketship that we would be willing to share.

I am thinking of trying to build a small wooden (six foot tall) version with
my 11 year old to teach him about construction.
Are there any plans or dimensional specs that could give us a start on
planning.  We could scale accordingly.

Phil Battat

We were intrigued… so we sent Phil and his son the following plans:

Well… Phil and his son Andrew have been busy and it is now my turn to be impressed and inspired.

We received an email from Phil today with a photo of their little RGR inspired “project”. This father and son team studied our blueprints and re-created our 40′ tall steel and aluminum retro- futuristic  rocketship… out of wood… in only ten days!

Nice work Phil and Andrew! Cool lookin rocketship ya got there…

Thank you… I am truly humbled…

-Sean Orlando

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