A Five Ton Crane Arts Group collaboration

The catalyst behind the formation of the Five Ton Crane Arts Group, the Steampunk Tree House is a grant-funded, large-scale installation piece collaboratively created in 2007 by a group of artists and engineers who went on to found the Five Ton Crane Arts Group and Engineered Artworks. The Tree House was permanently installed at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE, in 2010.

The Steampunk Tree House represents a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature: humans living in harmony with the planet and its natural elements. Suspended on an angular collection of steel boughs, the house itself is built of recycled wood, clockwork components and steel, styled after the Victorian age of architecture, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne.

The Steampunk Tree House was featured in the Taschen book: Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air.


Metal, wood, textiles, reclaimed materials, immersive mixed media, functioning steam calliope

40’ x 40’ x 20’


Dogfish Head Steampunk Treehouse

Five Ton Crane Arts Group

Steampunk Treehouse Youtube Videos

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