A Five Ton Crane Arts Group collaboration

Commissioned by the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.; exhibited at the Renwick Gallery, 2018-2019; Cincinnati Art Museum, 2019; Oakland Museum of California, 2019-2020.

A mobile and interactive art experience, Capitol Theater (2018) is an Art Deco movie theater on wheels. This driving movie palace is a marvelously detailed homage to the world of silent film, featuring black and white reels specifically created for the venue by Obsolete Pictures. Unlike the vast majority of sculptural art cars, the Capitol Theater was built from ground up, including the creation of a custom base vehicle including chassis, support, and framing. On the topside, the theater is fully immersive, complete with a convertible driver’s cab/ticket booth, a concession stand featuring custom candy, and inviting velveteen seats.

Lead Artists: Bree Hylkema and Sean Orlando


16′ x 12′ x 22′

Custom base vehicle

15 seat theater

High definition cinema screen

Theater surround sound system

Full marquee

Theater lighting throughout

Concession stand with working popcorn machine


Five Ton Crane Artist Collective

Art Cars, Collaborations, Installations, Public Art