Through a series of urban expeditions, artifact collections, design reconstructions, artworks and interwoven conversations, Urbanauts (2012-2013) maps an outline of the unseen mechanical and cultural systems that structure life in the built environment.

As de Young Museum Artists in Residence, Sean Orlando and Matthew Passmore embarked as “Urbanauts” in a narrative about urban exploration, the mysteries of unseen civic structures, and the hidden systems that power our metropolitan existence. Over18 months the Urbanauts explored, mapped, and cataloged their findings and generated a series of sculptural works based on the form and materials of urban infrastructural systems. The map and images of explorations were displayed in the Kimball Gallery in October 2012; sculptures and objects were exhibited in June and October 2013.

This project was funded by Black Rock Arts, James Irvine Foundation’s Innovation Fund, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services/Museums for America.

Collaborations, Installations