John Edmark: Dahlias
Resonance Bar, Dubai

Two illuminated, programmable wall-mounted sculptures installed in the Resonance Bar at Atlantis, The Royal Hotel, in Dubai, UAE. Sean Orlando and Engineered Artworks collaborated with artist and mathematician John Edmark to design, engineer, fabricate, and install Edmark’s largest sculpture project to date, a stunning and complex work made up of precisely engineered backlit aluminum tiles, combining to create a fractal spiral based on the golden angle.

Edmark’s works explore the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers that manifest in nature. Fibonacci numbers can be found in artichokes, pinecones, cacti, romanesco, and many flowers, and are connected to the golden ratio Φ (phi), which also manifests in nature and in Edmark’s sculptures.

The Dahlias at the Resonance Bar are each made up of over one thousand unique parts. The forms were built by adding progressively-smaller aluminum petals on a rotation of 137.5 degrees. Addressable LEDs behind each petal illuminate the shapes, highlighting the various spirals that manifest within the sculpture’s overarching geometry.


Dahlia 135
aluminum, steel, LEDs, custom software, nylon print
10’ diameter

Dahlia 124
aluminum, steel, LEDs, custom software, nylon print
8’ diameter

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