Engine 32 ½ (2017) was commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture complementary to the renovation of West Seattle Fire Station 32. Architectural integration was a requirement throughout the design process. Engineered Artworks worked with city representatives in collaboration with the architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to select the ideal location and dimensions of the final piece. The sculpture’s vertical location reflects that of the fire station’s tall rectangular hose tower, and its headlights illuminate the station’s public entrance. Fire Station 32 is an award-winning institutional renovation with LEED Platinum certification.

Conceived through a series of conversations with local neighbors and first responders, Engine 32 ½ is a large-scale fabricated steel version of a wooden 1920’s toy fire truck gifted to the firehouse by a much-loved community member. The ladders of Engine 32 ½ extend and come alive behind the apparatus, representing the speed and urgency of the firefighters’ mission.


Painted steel, aluminum, fully operational headlights/signal lights

26′ x 4′ x 5′

Featured, Public Art