SF MOMA – Oakland Squared

A large-scale collaborative art project created by the Five Ton Crane arts collective

Oakland is our birth place, the the city that has given us the freedom and community to collaborate and flourish. In Oakland Squared we pay homage to the town we love so well with an exquisite corpse project that illustrates the emergent qualities arising from Oakland’s diverse city-scapes and populations, and the aesthetic experiment that is the 5TC collective.

From workers in the fruit packing district portrayed in braided fiber, to iconic Port of Oakland cranes constructed from Legos and tire walls, to freeway overpasses executed in shattered, mirrored mosaic—the resulting works comprise six stunning panels which, like Oakland itself, represent a collection of distinct and unpredictable parts coming together to make up a magnificent whole.

Ball-Nogues Studios

Palo Alto VA Aquatic Center
Engineered Artworks was contracted by Ball-Nogues Studios to manage the structural fabrication of a large-scale exterior art installation at the Palo Alto VA Aquatic Center.
Website :: Ball-Nogues Studios

Rebar Group – Latham Square

Latham Square, Oakland California
Engineered Artworks and Paul Mirocha Art & Design were contracted by Rebar Group to fabricate and install a series of planter and seating modules for a temporary public park at Latham Square in downtown Oakland.

Architecture for Humanity SF: Burrows Street Pocket Park

Architecture for Humanity: Burrows Street Pocket Park

Sean Orlando and Engineered Artworks worked with Architecture For Humanity to fabricate and install a new permanent “pocket park” on Burrows Street in San Francisco.

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Design/ Development by Rebar Group