The Steampunk Tree House

The Steampunk Tree House
Permanently installed in Milton, Delaware at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

A large-scale collaborative installation project by Sean Orlando and the Five Ton Crane Arts Group

The Steampunk Tree House is representative of a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature: humans living in harmony with the planet and its natural elements. The House component itself is built of recycled wood, styled after the Victorian age of architecture, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne, wedded with the organic elements of nature. It is a house of mystery both familiar and alien.

Recall the dwelling in the film, City of Lost Children, with its trapdoors, hidden compartments, cyborg fleas, oil lamps, wrought iron hardware, keys that unlock secret compartments, lookout perch, and organically styled wrought iron architecture. The House component is built into, and is a part of the Tree in which it sits. Its semi-exposed skeleton is made of structural steel pipe. Recycled gears, gauges, pipes and other metal objects adorn the Tree and House. A tire swing hangs from one of its main branches and an elaborately sculpted automaton metal condor perches in its branches.

Participants can climb up the inside of the tree, through its branches and into the house by scaling the inside of the trunk or by climbing the spiral stair. The Tree’s windows and balconies offer a stellar vantage point over the entire area. The framework and structure of the house is forged organically, cradled in the branches of the Tree.

The Tree House may indeed remind people of a simpler, more innocent time. It may serve as a reminder of childhood, and as an example of how humans might live in harmony with the unnatural nature of nature. However, the tree is also meant to inspire critical

Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Raygun Gothic Rocketship
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is a collaborative group project conceived of and designed with co-conspirators Nathaniel Taylor & David Shulman and the Five Ton Crane Arts Collective
The Rocketship is available for sale or lease. Please contact us for more information regarding temporary installation or purchase opportunities.
The RAYGUN GOTHIC ROCKETSHIP is an immersive rocketship base environment consisting of a tall metal rocket connected via walkway to a taller gantry with a well-defined lighted perimeter. Participants can interactively explore the rocketship’s three interior chambers accessible through the bottom of the rocket and the top of the rocket via the gantry. Aesthetically the project will be done in a rococo retro-futurist future-rustic vernacular between yesterday’s tomorrow and the future that never was, a critical kitsch somewhere between The Moons of Mongo & Manga Nouveau.

Imagine Fritz Lang’s 1927 film “Metropolis,” Jules Verne’s 1865 novel “From The Earth to the Moon”, Edgar Rice Bourroughs’ 1912 Barsoom baroque, and Joss Wheedon’s television series “Firefly.” Now imagine Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers at 50 years of age. They’re heroes, their glory days are behind them and they’ve not necessarily aged all that gracefully. Clean living and caution haven’t been their watchwords. Amongst the polished rivets, graceful deco fins and serpentine lines, there’s grit, dirt, grain and hard living.

The moon’s yellow gleam travels brightly along the elongated teardrop fuselage as you near the Rocket. The eye is drawn to the portholes winking with light and then to the illuminated Gantry platform blinking adjacent to the Rocket, to the slip of steam curling around the gigantic fins. As you move closer you realize the size and scale of it are simply huge. A barely subterranean light, ruby-red, then softly pulsing orange suffuses