Squid Art Car

Squid Art Car
The Squid Car is a tentacular squid art car that features an LED lighting system for near cuttlefish quality color shifting (video). SquidCar is a companion (or nemesis?) to The Nautilus submarine art car. SquidCar was created by San Francisco Bay Area artist Ryon Gesink in collaboration with Sean Orlando of Engineered Artworks.

Skin created by Super Sugar Ray Ray
Leather upholstery by Bree Hylkema
Lighting effects by Gaspo

The Nautilus

The Nautilus Submarine Art Car

Commissioned by Christopher Bently
Lead Artist: Sean Orlando
Operations/ Electrical: David Shulman
Design Engineering: Greg Jones
Interior Design: Bree Hylkema

The Nautilus project is an artistic experiment and collaboration between Christopher Bently, Sean Orlando and the Five Ton Crane Arts Group.

The Nautilus is a land-based submarine art car weighing in at 11,000 pounds (dry) with a top speed of 13 mph.
The base vehicle is a 2005 Eagle TT8 diesel AWD airport tow tractor, designed to tow 90,000 lbs airplanes.

Dimensions: 25′ long, 100″ wide, 11′6″ tall

The Nautilus comes fully equipped with:

Harpoon gun water cannon (13 gallons per minute)
Hydraulic drive controls
GPS navigation
ipad/ ipod/ iphone interface controls
LED RGB programmable lighting system
Specimen lab
Navigation room
Night vision periscope
Poop deck with custom shade canopy
Air conditioning

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